Meet the Coaching Staff for the 2019 Season!

Head Coach

Alex Daugherty

Alex Daugherty grew up in Belle, WV where he attended and graduated from Riverside High School. He is a 2016 graduate of Marshall University. In 2016 Coach Daugherty joined the RHS staff as a wide receiver coach. 2017 he was promoted to offensive line coach and was the head coach of the junior varsity team. In 2018 he was tapped to become the next head coach of Riverside High School.

Offensive Coordinator

Jordan Chevalier

Jordan Chevalier studied at both West Virginia and West Virginia State University. He is a former assistant at WVSU where he coached inside wide receivers. He then became the assistant head coach of Nitro High School before joining the staff at RHS. 

Defensive Coordinator/ Offensive Line Coach

Todd Chevalier

Todd Chevalier is a graduate of Stonewall High School. He studied at West Virginia State University. 

Quarterbacks / Defensive Backs Coach

A.J. Fields

JV Head Coach/O-line/Tight Ends

Kyle Revis

Kyle Revis grew up in Corona, California where he graduated from Santiago High School. He studied at both Santa Ana College and the University of Charleston

Outside Linebackers/ O-line Coach

Thomas Sowers

Running Backs / Defensive Backs Coach

Rob Ford

Wide Receivers/ Offensive Assistant Coach

Jacob Clark

Wide Receivers Coach

Dustin Allen

Defensive Line Coach

Steve Prichard

Special Teams Coach

Derik Chestnut 

Derik Chestnut is from Belle, West Virginia where he graduated from Riverside High School.

Strength and Conditioning/ Linebacker Coach

Allen Baria

Coach Baria is from Belle, West Virginia where he graduated from DuPont High School in 1989. He was a two-year all conference and second team all-state linebacker. He was the captain of the South team in the annual North/South Football Classic. He has participated in the world of strength sports for over 30 years. He is an International Elite Class powerlifter and holds multiple American and World Records from 2000-2018.

"One‎ of‎ the‎ most‎ enjoyable‎ and‎ satisfying‎ parts‎ of‎ my‎ day‎ is‎ training‎ and‎ challenging‎ the‎ athletes‎ at‎ Riverside‎ High‎ School,‎ in‎ hopes‎ of‎ helping‎ build‎ stronger‎ players‎ both‎ physically‎ and‎ mentally,‎ improve‎ character,‎ ‎ and‎ establish‎ responsible‎ and‎ productive‎ young‎ men.‎ In‎ my‎ spare‎ time‎ I‎ enjoy‎ powerlifting,‎ fishing‎ and‎ spending‎ time‎ with‎ my‎ wife‎ Cindy‎ and‎ three‎ sons‎ Evan,‎ Andrew‎ and‎ Alex."

Team Doctor

Kevin Osborne

Dr Kevin D. Osborne grew up in Belle, WV and was a 2005 graduate of Riverside High School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from WV State University in 2010. He took time to work and, in 2013, decided to pursue a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.